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Our preschool and daycare in Klein, TX provides the best possible learning environment for children 6weeks to 12 years. At Champions Learning Academy, certified teachers pay individual attention to students and gear the learning environment and goals to their individual needs based on observation, group goals, age, and individual learning styles of your child.

Champions Learning Academy
  • $60 - $275 Weekly
  • Full Time/Part Time available
  • Certified/Experienced Teachers and Caregivers

Quality Learning and School-Readiness in a Childcare Facility

Our daycare in Klein, TX has full-time or part-time options for our preschool classes for children going to Pre-Kindergarten. We also offer before and after care in our Klein, TX childcare facility. Enrollment in preschool classes and our before and after care in is much more reasonable than other day cares in Klein, TX.

Our preschool classes combine learning and fun, creating an environment that facilitates education and social growth, as well as language and motor skills, reading and writing. Our rates for day care in Klein, TX are lower than other day cares in our area and our child care packages come with much more to offer.

We focus on the Love and Logic Philosophy for our child care experiences. We also plan hands-on projects for children in our classes to create and discover. This hands-on approach to child care in fosters a learning environment that is not boring, but instead a learning preschool that fosters school-readiness by the time they finish Pre-Kindergarten at our school in Klein, TX.

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