6 weeks - 12 months old

Champions Learning Academy is now enrolling infants! Infant Child Care can be very beneficial for moms going back to work. Registration is limited and in high demand so please register early.

Stimulate Learning

Champions Learning Academy creates a stimulating learning environment for infants including sensory toys, supervised tummy time (age appropriate), and other infant activities to help develop your infant's milestone activities. Our caregivers give babies individual attention, openly demonstrating affection through cuddling, playing and holding or rocking during feedings.

Our infant care environment is safe, clean, and segregated from the other age groups we have at Champions Learning Academy. Our infant classroom has plenty of space for your child to crawl, roll and explore his world. Diapering areas are set up away from play and food areas. Our infant toys include an assortment of developmental learning materials for the ever-evolving infant.

For our infant childcare we maintain an "on-demand" schedule for eating, playing, and napping. Therefore, we follow written instructions given by parents, updated monthly.

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