Toddlers B

18-24 months

Early Pre-School is where the child's love of learning starts to flourish. Our teachers at Champions Learning Academy begin to channel their students' energy into fun and exciting new ways to learn. Our early preschool curriculum pushes children to explore the world around them and guides them in new and exciting adventures.

  • Children play with board books and teachers read to them every day.
  • Our teachers have circle time every day to go over days of the week, weather, letters and the sounds associated with them along with numbers , colors, and shapes.
  • Our teachers also engage the students in sign language and Spanish to enhance their language skills.
  • Children’s artwork, pictures, and projects are displayed around the room to give the students pride in their work.

Early Pre-School classrooms are arranged to include:

  • Large open spaces for play
  • Circle time for hands on learning about their world
  • Learning centers for art, science, literacy and math
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