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While you may of heard of the Love and Logic Philosophy, you may not know about our curriculum development in Spring, Texas. Our curriculum has been carefully developed by professional teachers and designed specifically for our child care center in Spring, TX. Our curriculum is designed for every age we have childcare or preschool classes for – infant through 12 years old. Each step of curriculum is geared for your child and their learning and growth along the way.

Champions Learning Academy
  • $60 - $205 Weekly
  • Full Time/Part Time available
  • Certified/Experienced Teachers and Caregivers

Our curriculum is uniquely ours – other child care and daycare facilities in 77070 Spring Texas do not share our uniquely developed curriculum, a balance of love and logic, of learning and play, of rising to challenges and meeting friends. Champions Learning Academy and Childcare reviews its curriculum periodically to improve learning every year and for every class.

Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool curriculum builds on early learning child care and incorporates alphabet, numbers, Spanish words, and much more for preschools in Spring, TX. In fact, we prefer to be called Champions Learning Academy instead of Champions Learning Academy and Child Care or daycare, because our focus is to bring academics into the realm of fun and give learning a hands-on approach so boredom is eradicated.

School-readiness is an important focus for children under 5 going to day care or childcare. Other preschool child care facilities in Spring, TX may not focus on school-readiness, but instead just filling the time between drop-off and pick-up of the child going to school. At Champions Learning Academy and Child Care, our whole day incorporates learning, free play, social interactions, building motor skills, homework help, exercise, focusing and concentration, and many other skills.

Enrollment in our Pre-K classes in Spring, TX and our before and after care in Spring, TX is much more reasonable than other day cares in 77070. Our rates for day care in Spring, TX are lower than other day cares in spring, TX and our child care packages come with much more to offer. We focus on the Love and Logic Philosophy for child care and daycare experiences, and we also plan hands-on projects for children in the preschool classes in Spring, TX to do.

This hands-on approach to child care in Spring Texas fosters a learning environment that is not boring, but instead a learning preschool that fosters school-readiness by the time they finish Pre-Kindergarten at our school in 77070. Our preschool and childcare classes combine learning and fun, creating an environment that facilitates education and social growth, as well as language and motor skills, reading and writing.