Love and Logic Theory

Champions Learning Academy and Childcare is excited to announce that they have teamed up with the program Love & Logic, created by Charles Fay, in training their entire staff on easy strategies for helping to change children’s behavior problems, increase their motivation, and help to build assets which contribute to their ability to be resilient.

The Love and Logic theory gives parents and teachers tools for building the following assets: (

  1. Highly supportive and loving families and schools.
  2. Parents who establish open communication with their children.
  3. Positive parent-teacher relationships and parent involvement.
  4. Positive school climate.
  5. Appropriate standards for behavior at home and school (i.e., limits).
  6. Positive school and parental discipline.
  7. Positive relationships between children and adults other than parents.
  8. High achievement motivation and aspirations.
  9. Learning to use empathy with others.
  10. Decision-making skills.
  11. Self-esteem.
  12. Hope, or a positive view, of the world and the future.

The Love and Logic program is guided by five basic principles.

  1. Preserve and enhance the child’s self-concept.
  2. Teach children how to own and solve the problems they create.
  3. Share the control and decision-making.
  4. Combine consequences with high levels of empathy and warmth.
  5. Build the adult-child relationship.

Some examples of the Love and Logic Theory:

Guiding Children to Solve their own Problems