The Champions “Play for an A” Program

Champions Learning Academy Class Exercise

Play for an “A” mission is to teach children about sports, physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle in a fun and positive atmosphere that will allow them to build their skills and their love for sports and physical activity. Your toddler will experience all of this in a 10,000 square foot a/c indoor activity space.

Your children in our “Play for an A” Program focus on major motor skills to help with balance, and coordination, along with themed weeks to educate your child about their physical needs and living a healthy lifestyle. Read the newsletter to see an example of the themes for each of the months.

Each day your child will spend 45 minutes in their daily class. Each day will be focused on different activities. For example, tumbling, sports, soccer, yoga, jumping, balancing, parachute, and team work.

Toddlers (12 months to 24 months)

Early Preschool (24 months to 32 months)

Preschool (32 months to young 3 years)

Junior Pre-Kindergarten (3 years by Sept. 1)

Pre-Kindergarten (4 years by Sept. 1)

Kindergarten - 6th grade (5-12 years old)

Junior Counselors (11-13 years old)

Keep up with what your child is doing each week by reading our newsletter!